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Easy Feel-Good Tips To Inspire You

Easy Feel-Good Tips To Inspire You
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Getting healthy doesn't have to be all green salads and sweating on a treadmill. Give these feel-good tips a go and inspire yourself today.

1. Get your game on

Drag out the Twister board and enjoy a game with your friends, family or partner. Twist, bend, laugh and stretch your way to a healthier you. Don't knock it 'til you try it - it's a great workout!

2. Craft-ernoon delight

You don't need Archibald Prize-worthy skills to get arty. A spot of knitting, scrapbooking, pottery or sketching can give you a fabulous creative hit - plus, they're great substitutes for mindless snacking.

3. Size does matter

Keep your portion servings under control by swapping over-sized dinner plates and bowls for smaller options. After all, one cup of rice looks like a lot more food when served in a smaller dish. Also, stock up on quality plastic containers so you've got plenty of storage available for tasty re-heats.

4. Meditation station

Meditate and practice deep breathing exercises for 15 minutes a day to feel calm, focused and re-energised. It's easy to create your own happy place - just choose a quiet space in the house where you can light a candle, dim the lights and most importantly, take some serious time-out.

5. The write stuff

Blog or journal your blues away! Whether you opt for the public or private alternative, both are fabulous outlets to vent about your journey, set goals and brag about your achievements.

6. Great minds think alike

Surround yourself with like-minded people - never underestimate the power of having a supportive, caring network of friends and family in place. They could be fellow Weight Watchers members, healthy buddies or just friendly shoulders to lean on. The only rule? Judgemental, negative people need not apply!

7. Be a bookworm

Nothing beats snuggling under the covers with a good read. If motivation's what you're lacking, join a book club or even suggest titles with your pals to get your wordsmith venture off to a cracking start. Cookbooks, health books, chick lit, drama, memoirs - anything goes, as long as you're enjoying it and feeling positive!

8. Chow time

Experiment with a range of different eating styles and habits. Try ditching your trusty knife and fork and picking up a pair of chopsticks the next time you serve a meal - it'll help you eat slower. Also, make an effort to chew each mouthful at least 15 times before swallowing to help your digestion.



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