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10 keys to a healthy happy life

10 keys to a healthy happy life
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10 keys to a healthy happy life

We all have those days.

Sometimes weeks......

Where things just seem to drag on. A little over-worked and ‘over work', extremely tired, getting sick, just feeling like life wants too much from us at times.

And what keeps us going?

Friends, loved ones, treating with some food tats maybe not so good for our bodies, alcohol, or a party night out, a good holiday?

Well maybe they're not so healthy, sustainable nor affordable.

So here I've put together for you, my little step by step on how to stay UP through the DOWNS

1.Rest is #1


Our doctors recommend 7- 8 hours sleep per night for the average adult.

If you’re a parent, or work commitments have you simply not able to get more than 7 hours’ sleep, or not even close to that.

Do it ‘whenever’ and 'wherever' you can, a 10- 20 min kip where possible, a sleep in on that one day a week where you can.

This will do you the world of good and have you feeling great inside and out.



Whatever that means to you! The most common phrase we’ll hear from people that don’t meditate is “I can’t meditate” or "I don’t know how to”

Well… My answers to you:

You don’t have to know how to, just know this, if you give yourself time in every day to sit, or stand in silence, eyes open or closed, to just ‘BE’, whether it be staring at a view, thinking of your thoughts, or trying to clear them; This can change your entire look on life and when done consistently can be as good as an afternoon nap or extra hours sleeping overall.

It doesn't take much, whether you only have 6 minutes or 40 minutes, make it a priority and simply let go, let your thoughts be there, don't force them to clear, just don't attach to your thoughts and simply just let them pass by.

3.Time in nature

Spend time outdoors and in nature getting as my fresh oxygen as possible as often as possible.

Studies show that seeing a beautiful view, starring at a sunrise or sunset, can increase productivity and inner happiness hugely and that fresh oxygen to the brain and organs not only makes you feel good daily but will increase your life length.

Jump in the ocean before or after work, take a walk through the bush or park on your lunch break, visit somewhere new on the weekend and lay out under the stars every now and then.

4.Do what you LOVE

It is just SO important to find what makes you tick and do it whenever you can as much as you can. It doesn’t have to cost money. Something like a physical activity or sport, arty and creative like making something; furniture, a wall hanging in your home, or a new recipe for a meal or something you bake, get creative its all using your mind and hands in a healthy way.

5.Surround yourself with good people


Surround yourself with the very best, truly grounded, and most positive people.

Happiness comes from within. And when you do the things that make you happy, that happiness extends out in your persona and to the people around you, as a result, you will attract the right people to you.

Remember ‘Your vibe attracts your tribe’

So, put out what you want to get from other people and for me; That is a positive attitude at all times, no matter how hard times can be, we speak honestly and share feelings but always with a smile and positive attitude looking ahead no matter how hard times can be.

6.Eat well!


And I don’t mean two or even five out of your seven days! At least 2 of your 3 meals every day should be purely wholesome and nourishing for your body.

I’m an advocate for having a ‘balanced’ diet, but this means giving my body what it needs EVERY day and occasionally treating myself to something a little bit sweet, heavier like bread or rice, or just easier out of pure convenience or to eat of with friends a couple of times a week when I’ve earnt it and just need it.

But we just cannot forget that: ‘Food Is Fuel’ so we need to be putting real, wholesome, grown form the earth and unprocessed food in our bodies. Always.


Yep! We all know it, but does this just mean buying a gym membership and having not only no idea about what to do but also not wanting to?


This means, getting active and BEING ACTIVE in every way you can. Making it a way of life.

Find what you love and do it!

Connect with people that are doing something you always dreamed of and learn how.

Try a boxing class, sign up to an outdoor boot camp.

Take up surfing, yoga, pilates, walk everywhere you can, start riding your bike to work. It doesn’t have to cost money, just try something new and get active every day however you can for atleast 20 minutes each day.

And if you’re someone that needs guidance and motivation, see a personal trainer, or join up to a training group as the social, physical, and mental benefits you will gain from this can be outstanding.

And personally, I want to be as fit and healthy for as long as possible, injury and pain free, looking and in turn feeling the very best I can for as long as possible.

8. Accept these feelings and don’t Judge them

I call it ‘riding the waves’ in life, as a surfer, this connects with me as we ride through the peaks and troughs and these simply are the ups and down in life.

What I have found is how to concentrate on drifting through these times somewhere in the middle of the ‘ups and downs’ and this is achieved by many practices, most importantly; having little expectations in life and simply letting things go or to 'just be'

Don’t judge your feelings. There is often no need to judge your feelings and over analyse why you’re feeling down, you’re probably just tired, or simply just not feeling the greatness of life sometimes. But you know what? We all do, and that is totally fine. Feel these feelings and drift happily through accepting them.

Resting and meditating can be the biggest assistant in achieving this in everyday life as it will strongly help you achieve this blissful state drifting through life in a calmer more no-reactive way!

9.Spend less time on social media or watching the news, I mean TV all together.

Right now, count up the hours in each day you would spend watching a TV, or on your phone whether that be on emails, social media, other media, and technology that you are not directly getting paid for (I mean when its not your job). 

Multiply this for the week and then imagine what you could do with all that extra time if it were to be FREE time. Going out with friends, date night with your partner or family, swimming in the ocean, walking on the beach, sleeping……

There is not only a huge amount of time being lost here unnecessarily but we are also polluting our minds with so much negativity and hate in the world. Comparing ourselves to others lives instead of living our own, watching the horrible things that ‘we know’ are happening around the world on a daily basis but what are we actually doing to help stop them?

Although we are  technologically ‘connected’ in this day and age, we have at the same time become ‘so disconnected’ to ourselves, our inner peace and face to face connection with others.

Start using technology for what it is great for and get more connected with nature, the right people and yourself.

10. Do all of the above Again and again….. and.... SMILE! 


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